Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Character Interview: Kate Everett (A Slight Change of Plans by Dee Ernst)

Welcome, Kate Everett, star of Dee Ernst's novel, A slight Change of Plan. 

Hello everyone – My name is Dee Ernst, and I’d like to introduce you all to the main character in my new book, A Slight Change of Plan, available this November 19th.  Kate Everett is 50-something, with grown children, and she’s decided it’s time to start her ‘Second Act’.  That includes moving out of her family home and quitting her job to change her career path.  But what I’d like to talk about today is her decision to look for someone to share her life with again.

DE:  Hello Kate.  Thanks for stopping in.  I hear you’re about to take the big plunge into dating.

KE: Hi Dee.  Yes, I’ve been a widow for eight years now, and I finally got tired of coming home to just the dog and the cats.  

DE:  Good for you!  You must be very excited.

KE:  I suppose.  You have to remember that last time I was in the dating pool, people hung around in bars to find their soul mates.  Things are a lot different now.

DE: Yes, I guess they are.  How is it going?

KE: My sister convinced me that on-line dating is the way to go.  She helped me with my profile, and has really been pushing – ah - encouraging me.  I was a little put off at first, but I have to say, it has a lot of advantages.

DE:  Such as?

KE:  Well, you can basically get all the small talk done in your jammies and slippers.  Sitting in front of that computer screen, chatting back and forth, is much better than getting all dressed up and driving somewhere to meet somebody that you know, after five minutes of conversation, you would NEVER consider dating. 

DE: Are you finding many available men in, well, your age group?

KE:  Oh sure, but are they interested in me?  Of course not.    All these sixty-year-old men are looking for women young enough to be their daughters!  Why is that?   I suppose these poor guys have already been through menopause with the first wife, so I guess I can’t blame them for not wanting to go through THAT again!  But honestly – what do they find to talk about?  Or do they talk at all?

DE:  But there are lots of success stories out there, right?

KE: Oh, yes.  In fact, my oldest friend, Cheryl, is dating three gentlemen that she met on-line.

DE:  Three?  That must get complicated.

KE:  That was my thought, but apparently she doesn’t actually spend much time with them in person.  She Tweets and texts a lot.  All three of them are more like virtual boyfriends, rather than physical ones.  She calls them her Tamagatchi boyfriends, like those little animated toys my kids used to have.  Of course, Cheryl is a very unusual person.  She’s always lived in her own little world, and she really likes it there.

DE: How has your online dating experience been?
KE: I could tell you a few horror stories, of course.  The week of Daves, for example.  Unbelievable.   But I finally met someone who seems fairly normal, has a sense of humor, and doesn’t live on the other side of the country.

DE: Sounds promising.

KE:  We’ll see.

DE:  You don’t sound very hopeful.

KE:  No, he seems nice.  Really.  It’s just that I got a wave from an old boyfriend of mine.  He’s on the same dating site, and I have a feeling that things could get complicated.

DE:  That sounds kind of exciting, though, to re-connect with someone after so many years.

KE: That’s what my sister says.  In fact, she insists that it’s fate, and we were always meant to be together.

DE:  And you don’t agree?

KE:  If we were meant to be together, then he shouldn’t have broken up with me in college and broken my heart.  He was the one, you know?  The guy you planned your whole life around?  The one you never quite got over?

DE: But aren’t you curious?  Even just a little?

KE:  Of course.  Who wouldn’t be?’

DE:  This could get very interesting.

KE:  Exactly.  Just when I have a nice little plan for the rest of my life, something like this comes along to shake things up.

Well, everyone, that’s just a bit of Kate’s story.  I hope you’re interested enough to read A Slight Change of Plan, and find out how it all turns out!

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  1. Your post is very catching. I like the idea of jumping into the online dating as senior woman and going through the process your interview clearly shows to be amusing, scary, and mabybe a bit heartbreaking. It sounds like a fun read.

    1. I think this is one I'll have to add to my reading list. It's sounds really interesting!