Thursday, October 10, 2013

Character Bio: Lucien (Smoke, Wings, and Stone by Marijon Braden)

Hi DelSheree – Marijon Braden here, and I thought I’d introduce folks to one the characters in my YA/Fantasy, Smoke, Wings and Stone.  His name is Prince Lucien Hugo Gargouille, and he is quite an unusual young man.

It seems that he was born in France in 1831, but because of his, ah, Family background, he appears to be around twenty years old.  You see, he’s a gargoyle.  For thousands of years, gargoyles have defended the world against evil.  When Called to battle, they change their form and grow wings. This way they are always certain to defeat their enemies.  They age very slowly, and, when they Sleep (turn to stone) they age not at all.

Lucien is the youngest of three sons born to Queen Violetta Gargouille.  His oldest brother was killed by the Brunels, a powerful vampire clan.  The next brother, Denys, drowned.  That left Luc the only heir to the Family line, so he was taken to Wales and hidden for years, until Violetta’s sisters had children of their own, insuring the Family would continue.

He has been educated all over Europe – Geneva, Bologna, and Paris – as fitting a young prince who is next in line to inherit the crown of the Gargouille Family.   While visiting New York City, and attending a concert of the London Philharmonic, he saw a young woman, Sara Fleming, play her flute.  He was so moved by her beauty and passion that he sought her out and declared his love for her.  She was flattered by his attention, but did not realize that the words she spoke to him bound them together – forever.

Here’s a quick Q&A so you can get to know a bit about him.

Lucien – tell me 5 things you love – The Family, skiing, opera, fast cars, Sara Fleming.

5 things you hate – Television, stop lights, McDonald’s, polka music, Renata Brunel.

Greatest challenge – Navigating the Family into the 21st century – it is extremely difficult to hide the fact that you’ve been alive several hundred years in the age of the computer.

Greatest fear – That Sara is so vulnerable.  The vampire clans are hunting her.  Anything could happen.

Right Now – I am in love and learning how to be a king.  It is a wonderful time for me.

Future ambition - To make my wife happy, to have many children, and rule my people in peace.

MJ:  That’s it for now.  I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Lucien, and will want to read more about him  in Smoke, Wings and Stone.  Thanks, DelSheree.

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