Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Character Artwork: The Other F Word (Susan Stec)

Susan Stec is here today sharing her gorgeous artwork for her new YA novel, "The Other F Word." 

More about "The Other F Word..." 

A fairy girl deals with friendships...

...coming of age...

...and her race's expectations.

There's something terribly wrong with the faelings in Wandermere. Nothing is what it appears to be. The elders are trying to save their race by using human enhancements. The children are paying the price.

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  1. Gorgeous artwork! I love this book!

  2. Thank you, Lucy. For me, the artwork is as much if not more fun than developing the story. Although a couple of these characters make me laugh out loud... a lot. LOL

    1. I promise I'm going to finish reading this soon. I've been loving the characters so far :)