Friday, August 8, 2014

#TensList: Ten Things I Hate

Since last week I shared ten things I love, I figured I might as well follow that up with ten things I do NOT love. So, here we go!

#1: Fixing my hair

In all fairness, I finally found a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair and does a great job, so now it's easier to get my hair to behave, but curls can be a pain in the butt. The second your cut gets too long, your curls start sticking out all crazy and all your good hair styles are useless. I really do like having curly hair now, even though I hated it when I was little, but it takes maintenance. 

#2: Shoes

I don't hate all shoes. I do run around barefoot a lot, however. The reason shoes make it onto my list are because I can never find ones that aren't horribly uncomfortable. Tennis shoes never have enough arch support, and trying to squish a support cushion into tennis shoes that already feel too tight is just the worst. Don't even get me started on dress shoes. If I could, I'd go shoeless everywhere. 

#3: Writing with pencils

I can't stand how the lead dust gets all over the sides of my hands if I accidentally touch it. It also annoys me that pencils don't stay sharp. I don't like writing with dull points. I'll stick to pens, thank you very much. 

#4: Sand

Okay, I don't hate sand on principle, it's great when it stays outside where it belongs, but it's not fun when it gets in your house. Living in the desert, we've got more sand than we know what to do with. It's impossible to keep it from getting in your shoes, and even more impossible for your kids not to dump it all over the floor when they take their shoes off. And FYI, growing anything is sand is a hopeless cause. 

#5: Ants

Like with sand, ants are great when they're outside doing their thing. How do they find ways into the house though? I swear, my kids drop one chocolate chip or piece of cereal on the floor and there's a bazillion of them all milling about trying to get a piece. Where do they come from???

#6: Whistling

This may be due to the fact that both my kids love to whistle, but they don't really know how to whistle a tune. It's just nonstop, tuneless, annoying whistling all day long. Seriously, it will drive you up the wall. Our house has now been dubbed a whistle free zone. 

#7: Driving through our local Sam's Club parking lot

If you don't live in Farmington, you can't sympathize, but honestly, this is the worst designed parking lot on the planet. I almost get hit by someone coming out of the gas station like it's about to blow up, or zipping across the main exit to get the the gas station EVERY TIME I drive through there. It's like playing Frogger, trying to making it through the cars that just power through without looking. 

#8: Spiders

That's probably not shocking, but I had to add it. We were starting to put together one of those wooden fort/swing sets for my kids, and inside one of the boxes was the nastiest spider I've ever seen. It was brown and fuzzy and at least as big as a quarter. It looked like a baby tarantula, though I didn't get close enough to double check. Thankfully, my brother-in-law squashed it. It was big enough that it left a little puddle of blood. Eew!!!

#9: Deciding what to make for dinner

Seriously, I don't know why this is so difficult. I literally dread it all day. I enjoy cooking and baking. I'm not the best chef in the world, but it's fun to get in the kitchen and make a mess and hopefully a good meal. Coming up with the idea is just the worst, though. I don't like eating the same thing more than once a week, and sometimes even that is too often, so I'm always struggling to come up with new ideas. My kids would literally be happy with pot pies every night, though, so this is really a self-created problem. 

#10: Sandwiches

I don't know what it is about sandwiches, but they just make me want to gag. I'm not talking Subway or some yummy roast beef on a kaiser roll or hunk of ciabatta. Those I'm good with. It's just the regular, plain Jane slice of lunch meat with cheese (American is the worst) between two squashy pieces of bread. Ugh. It sticks to the roof of your mouth and the mayo makes the bread soggy and it never quite fills you up. I'll have a salad, thanks. 

So, that's my whining for the day, and now it's your turn! What things can you absolutely not stand? 

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