Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet the Characters Blogfest

Get ready to meet some fascinating, fun, steamy, and scary characters!

This coming October I'm hosting the Meet the Characters Blogfest! 

Readers will get the chance to meet the characters in some of the hottest new YA, NA, Romance, Horror, and Paranormal books. 

Authors get to share there characters with readers who are hungry to find a great new author and characters they can get caught up in! 

Readers...mark your calendars for a month long party!

You'll get to know characters through character interviews. Find out the answers to questions about your favorite characters! Want to know what your favorite character looks like? We'll have character artwork revealed! Want all the details about that swoon-worthy character you can't get out of your head? Check out character bios! 

Authors, get out your pencils and laptops and start writing!

Sign up to share your characters through interviews, bios, artwork, and more. Get creative! That's what authors are good at right? If you have a guest post that will highlight your characters, my readers would love to see it! 

Let readers get to know the stars of your book. Make them fall in love with your characters so they can't help but run out and grab their story! Making a personal connection with readers is the best way to spread the word about your books, so sign up today to participate!


Because everyone loves winning great prizes, I'll be hosting several fun contests during the blogfest where readers will have the chance to win paperbacks, ebooks, and loads of swag. 

Meet the Characters Blogfest Main Giveaway

Enter to win a prize pack of great books! Rafflecopter entries will be available every day, so stop by as often as you can to earn more entries. 

Hottest Guy Contest
Feistiest Girl Contest
Cutest Couple Contest
Steamiest Couple Contest

Vote on which character participating in the blogfest should earn the title! Your vote enters you to win fabulous book swag and a copy of the book the winning character stars in. 

Where do you sign up to be a part of the Meet the Characters Blogfest? 

Click here to visit the SignUp Genius page. 


  1. This is an amazing idea, and I am entering in Tristan my male main character. :)

    1. Tristan will be a great addition! I think this will be a lot of fun :)

  2. Replies
    1. I hope you do :) Feel free to spread the word!

  3. What is the surprise post, and what does the author need to do for it?

  4. I have the same question as Shauna. I signed up for the Surprise Post because I like to live dangerously. Looking forward to finding out what that means!

  5. I'm excited about this years format. Your posts always increase my sales, Sheree. Thanks for all the work you put into these events.

  6. Linda and Shauna, the surprise post is completely up to you. You get to surprise us with a creative way to introduce your characters to readers. I'm considering giving a prize for the most creative surprise post :-) I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

  7. Ah, well, that could be dangerous....


    Looking forward to it!! Thanks, DelSheree!

  8. LOL Linda!! Interested to see what you come up with :)