Friday, November 21, 2014

Ready or not, here comes #Thanksgiving!

It's hard to believe it's already that time again, but Thanksgiving it right around the corner. Next week, in fact. Am I ready for it? No. 

Thanksgiving at our house usually means double duty visiting my husband's family for lunch, which I'm supposed to bring drinks and veggies too (I think. I should double check), then hopping across town to my dad's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Or my parents might come to my house. It's still undecided...a week away. Yeah. We're not ready. 

This year, it also means my kids are out of school all next week for the holiday break. So, will I get much done? Seriously doubt it. I'm glad they get the break, and we'll be busy trying to house train our new puppy, but if there's to be any cooking or cleaning done...I may need some help. 

So, the plan?

1. Figure out whether I'm hosting dinner or attending dinner at my parents. (I think it's my turn, so let's plan for that)

2. Clean my house. Let's face it, that will happen the night before in a mad scramble. 

3. Go grocery shopping. I was at the store today, which is when I probably should have done it, but I was getting puppy supplies and I seem to enjoy going at the last minute, then going to two more stores because the first store is inevitably out of at least four things I need. 

4. Figure out where I put all the pans and dishes I only ever pull out at Thanksgiving. (I need more cupboard space)

5. Figure out where to put everyone. There's a pool table in the middle of our dining room right now, and it's way too heavy to move. 

6. Learn how to make sweet potatoes. That was always my grandma's job, but now that she's passed away, I feel responsible for providing them on her behalf even though my dad is the only one who actually eats them.

7. Watch some Supernatural. Seriously. I've been on hiatus from my favorite demon-slaying boys in an effort to finish Invincible. I'm gonna need some Sam and Dean to gear myself up for all the prep work. 

8. Get my kids excited to help with the cooking. They're on and off about how much fun it is to help mom in the kitchen. I'm having mixed feelings myself after my eight year old put her oatmeal in the microwave without water and burned the heck out of it while stinking up the whole kitchen. She did it a few days ago too. 

9. Assign the things I'm bad at to my stepmom. Gravy, rolls...there are a few things. 

10. Don't stress out. Is there chocolate somewhere? (10.1. get dark chocolate when grocery shopping.) 

Good luck to everyone getting ready for the holidays! Good luck to me, anyway. You all might be a little more put together than I am ;)

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