Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Gladden Style

We love Halloween here at the Gladden house. Next to Christmas, it's our favorite holiday. Over the years we've built up some fun traditions I thought I'd share today. 

First off...the planning. 

We always plan to get things done early, but we never do. The plan to buy or start making costumes
on Oct. 1st is well meaning, but never happens. Usually, I either buy or start making the kids' Halloween costumes the week of...which is exactly what happened this year. My daughter decided to be Jessie from Toy Story, but the ones to buy weren't great and were expensive, so I ended up making one for her this week. It turned out pretty good, if I say so myself :)

My son really took our last minute tradition down to the wire this year. He'd been saying all month that he wasn't going to dress up because at 11 years old he was too old for it. But, the lure of candy overpowered him two hours before the church Trunk or Treat party and he whipped out his old baseball uniform and went as a baseball player. Thank goodness it still fit! 


We're going to carve our pumpkins this afternoon after we run some errands, so I don't have pictures yet, but we love to carve pumpkins. Or I should say my kids love to watch ME carve their pumpkins. I don't know how I always get talked into this, since my kids are both excellent artists, but I'm usually the one carving Mario or a zombie head out of the pumpkins. 

At least this year I was smart enough to get those little electric tea lights so I don't burn myself trying to light the candles inside the pumpkins. I already did that last night while frying tortillas for dinner. 

Downtown Trick or Treating

Thankfully, we're not doing this one this year. We've gone every year with the cousins since moving back, but the kids always whine because there are super long lines and hardly any of the businesses participate anymore. 

This year we're going to a friends massive Halloween party instead...which I still need to make a snack for. That's on the agenda for this afternoon as well. 

Regular Old Trick or Treating

Even though by this point my kids have way more candy than they need, we'll usually wander our neighbood asking for more candy. This year we're taking the dog, though she's not dressing up. She'd only eat the costume if we tried. When the kids are too cold to keep knocking, we'll head home and watch a Halloween movie in between handing out candy to the trick or treaters that stop by. Until about 9 o'clock when we just turn out the lights and pretend we're not home so we can watch the movie for more than five minutes at a time. 


My kids will dump out all their candy later tonight and that's when the trading begins. Tootsie Rolls aren't worth, just so you know. Chocolate usually demands the highest prices. My daughter will give away gum for free. She has a thing about gum. 


When the candy coma eventually sets in, the kids mosey upstairs to bed and my hubby and I will steal a few of the good pieces of candy out of their buckets when they aren't looking ;) 

Then Halloween is over and we start thinking about turkeys and Christmas shopping and all that hoopla. I love this time of year, and love that Halloween is the jumping off point for the rest of the holiday season. I'm looking forward to all our fun holiday traditions!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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