Monday, July 14, 2014

Blogging is Dead

I've heard the same question being asked by quite a few authors lately... Is there any point in having an author blog anymore? 

I was surprised by the answers many of these authors were getting from other authors. 


What reasons do these advice give use to back up their reasoning? 

1) The blogsphere is oversaturated. 

2) Readers will go to a website over a blog. 

3) Blogs don't help sell books. 

4) It takes time away from writing books. 

These were their main arguments, and there seemed to be a good deal of backing from other authors, but I don't agree. 

The Blogosphere is Oversaturated

1) There are a bazillion blogs out there, yes, but is there a blog out there dedicated to talking about you and your books? If there is... yeah for you! Most likely, though, there isn't. Introducing your characters to the world, telling about your writing process, sharing crazy adventures in publishing... those fall to you and you alone. 

Readers Will Go to a Website Over a Blog

2) Readers go to websites to look up an author's book ordering. Trust me, when I was redoing my website, a got a whole slew of requests that I make sure my books are listed IN ORDER. Aside from that, what else does your website tell readers? They can get the synopsis for your books, your bio, maybe some general info about you, but they really don't get to know YOU just by visiting your website. 

Blogs Don't Help Sell Books

3) Blogs aren't meant to sell your books. SHOCKER, right? I think many authors confuse the idea of having an author blog with having a book selling platform. If readers are coming to your blog, either you are very witty and entertaining, or your visitors heard of you from someone or read one of your books. They most likely are not stopping by your blog to buy your book. They have Amazon and B&N for that. They have taken the time to stop by your blog and read your posts to find out WHO YOU ARE. 

Are you the kind of author that harasses reviewers who leave you a bad review or cry every time someone posts a spoiler? Are you as interesting as your books? Probably not, but your thoughts on writing and the world in general are interesting. Are you funny despite the fact that your books are all tragedies? The POINT of having an author blog is to connect with your readers, not sell them more books. If you're not interested in connecting with readers, there's a good chance you're in the wrong business. 

It Takes Time Away From Writing Books

4) I try to post something non promotional on my blog at least once a week, usually on Mondays before things get too hectic. It takes me maybe half an hour to write up a blog post. I keep a list of ideas that occur to me at random times, either from an article I read, conversation I had, review I got, or what have you. I don't write my blog posts on Mondays. I write them when I need a break from writing because my brain is fried from my characters misbehaving or I got stuck on some plot point. Blogging gives me a chance to write without worrying about whether I'm about to screw up my plot with yet another twist. It's a relief for me and I have fun doing it. Plus, readers get a peak at what's going on inside my head during the week, which makes me a real person to them instead of just some name on a shelf or Kindle app. 

Blogging isn't dead. It's alive and well to allow readers to get to know their favorite authors and to keep authors' heads from exploding. 

So, if you're looking for all my books listed IN ORDER you can find them on my website here, but if you want to figure out who this crazy girl is who writes about Hunger and Curses and Talents and Flirty French Men Named Guy, stop by my blog every Monday for a peek inside my head. 

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