Monday, June 3, 2013

Twin Souls Cover Reveal

After redesigning all the covers for The Destroyer Trilogy, I decided it was time to update the covers for Twin Souls Saga as well. 

I decided to put my Photoshop skills to work on these ones. The first step though was doing a little research on Hopi and Tewa pottery styles and symbols. 

I learned a lot about the amazing potters like Nampeyo and Navasie and those that have followed them. Their beautiful designs helped me come up with the new covers for all three books in Twin Souls Saga. 

This cover, for book one, features a warrior to represent Uriah and a wolf to represent the Matwau. The Matwau can take many forms, but a wolf is the form he is wearing when Uriah first battles the Matwau. The spear in the warrior's hand represents the battle these two become involved in. 

Because the second book, Shaxoa's Gift, focuses so much on Claire and the potion Uriah is on a quest to procure, this cover features a female figure as the central focus. 

The design for Claire was based on the poterry images on the White Corn Maiden as well as photographs of Tewa women and the hairstyles they wore. 

Surrounding Claire is my version of the five parrot design seen in many Hopi/Tewa pottery. The inside of the parrot is decorated with symbols that stand for various tyes of plants and herbs, the feather for power, and the spiral for life. 

This last book cover for Qaletaqa features the Matwau alone. The last book in the Twin Souls Saga is centered around the events leading up to the final battle between Uriah and the Matwau. 

The figure for the Matwau was based off of a Hopi Katsinam mask. The Katsinam masks represent spirits that regulate minerals, game, domestic animals, plants, trees, wind, the dead, and many other areas of life. 

I was out to redesign my covers, but I enjoyed learning more about the Hopi and Tewa cultures and their mythology and artwork.